Herman Breum Glass Plate Negatives


Herman Breum lived in Stark County, the family farm was near Taylor ND. Herman was, among many things, a photographer. He drove through the country taking pictures of farms and families.

More information on the Breum family can be found at https://schs.omeka.net/items/show/4388


  • Herman Breum


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Double Negative. Portrait of a young man, wearing a suit, shirt, and a tie. Unidentified.

A field of grain, at harvest time, with a Header, possibly a McCormick Header, which is being pushed by a team of horses. Shocks, or stacks of wheat, are seen. 1 man is driving the Header, and 4 others are standing in the cut part of the wheat…

Family portrait
Family portrait, father, mother, son and daughter. Photo taken in front of a wood building. Unidentified.
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