Negatives and prints from the Presthus and later Horstman Studios. The collection dates from the early 1920s to 1982.


  • Ingemar Prestus
  • Olga Hanson
  • Harriet Horstmann
  • Norman Horstmann


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Collection Items

Urbanec, Louie
Portrait of a young man wearing a suit jacket with tie. He is an employee of Montgomery Ward. Identified.

Martin, Eugene
Portrait of a 1 year old baby boy with dark blue eyes and blonde hair. He is wearing a white shirt with a navy suit. Identified by last name.

Schmatz, William
Portrait of two children. The 2 year old girl has brown eyes and dark blonde hair. Her dress is yellow with white lace and a black bow. The 7 month old baby boy has blue eyes and blonde hair. His suit is yellow. Identified by last name.
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