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Women in car
A blurry negative of 3 women(?) and 2 children sitting in a car. A field surrounds them. The shadow of someone else can be seen on the ground. Exact date unknown. Unidentified.

Winter Day
Winter view of Sims Street, looking north from the corner of 1st Street and Sims. On the left is a two-story house that was the home of Dr. V. H. Stickney, which is partially obstructed from view by trees. There is a fence around the yard. On the…

Western Livestock Auction
A photo of men at a Western Livestock auction. The six men in the front are looking at the bull currently on display for the auction. The men in the booth are auctioneers. Most of the men are wearing shirts, ties, hats, and suits. 3 men in the…
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