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Sauvageau Blacksmith
Photo of a man working in a blacksmith shop. He was identified on a postcard of the same image (2019.001.167) as Hubert "Bert" Sauvageau. His shop was in Gaylord ND. His name is listed in the 1914-1915 Keiter Directory as one of three names in…

Parade Float
Photo of a team of horses hitched to a float. A group of women and one man are sitting on the float. The float has stars on the bottom of the float and a canopy or large umbrella with flowers around it is on top of the float. The float is in front of…

Mitchell Auto, Fred Maser, Hilisheim
Photos of people in a 1911 Mitchell automobile owned by Fred Maser showing Fred Maser, Anna Hillesheim and Bertha Maser. The word 'Mitchell' can be seen on the front grill of the automobile. Mitchell Automobile produced automobiles from 1903 to 1923.…
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