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Three couples in Grandmother's front room. Left to right: Grandma and Grandpa (Henry and Susan Pells Shurtliff), Bill and Flossie David (neighbors) and Dad and Mom [James and Anna Shurtliff]. There are family portraits hanging on the wall behind… previews/2011-011-002.jpg
Martin Larsen and Leon Stuck sitting in a horse-drawn buggy at the Shurtliff Green River Ranch in Stark County, ND. Leon Stuck was a hired man and Martin Larsen was the brother of Anna Shurtliff. previews/2011-011-003.jpg
3 men on horse-drawn plows in a field. From left to right, a hired man, Jim Shurtliff and Martin Larsen. previews/2011-011-004.jpg
Lilly Shurtliff branding a calf. She is standing over a calf with one foot on it. Etched into the emulsion at the top is, "LILLY BRANDING ON JH RANCH." previews/2011-011-005.jpg
Plowing a field at the James Shurtliff Green River Ranch in Stark County, ND. Jim Shurtliff and hired hands are on the tractor. Ethel Shurtliff is standing on the plow. Hazel Shurtliff is standing in the field. previews/2011-011-006.jpg
A line of 13 horses standing in a snow-covered field at the Shurtliff Green River Ranch in Stark County, ND. Holding the reins of the horses from left to right are, an unidentified man, Harry Shurtliff, Anna Shurtliff, an unidentified woman and Ethel… previews/2011-011-007.jpg
Jim Shurtliff on a horse holding a lariat. Etched into the emulsion at the top is, "HARD TO BEAT." previews/2011-011-008.jpg
The Jim Shurtliff homesite in Stark County, ND. In the road are Ethel and Lilly Shurtliff with Hazel Shurtliff in a baby carriage. Harry Shurtliff is in the field to the right. previews/2011-011-009.jpg
Busting sod. Martin Larsen is on a water wagon. Ethel Shurtliff is standing. Hazel Shurtliff is in the plowing in a bonnet. Ben Johnson is standing with his arms folded. Jim and Harry Shurtliff are on a tractor. Lilly Shurtliff is standing in the… previews/2011-011-010.jpg
Watering teams of horses in a creek. There are 12 horses. Martin Larsen is in the foreground and an unidentified man is on one of the horses. previews/2011-011-011.jpg
Julius Larsen on a horse holding a lariat. Etched into the emulsion at the bottom is, "A THOROUGH BRED / BRONCO TWISTER." previews/2011-011-012.jpg
Harry Shurtliff, Jim Shurtliff and Ben Johnson sitting in a field with 3 sets of horses with plows behind them. previews/2011-011-013.jpg
3 men shooting at the Henry Shurtliff homestead. From left to right they are D.L. [unidentified], Henry Shurtliff and Bill Micklesen. Etched into the emulsion below each man are their ititials, "D.L.", H.S." and "W.M." Etched below that is, "GOOD… previews/2011-011-014.jpg
Mary Jane, a Reeves stream driven tractor, at the Green River Crossing. Jim Shurtliff driving. Man on back unidentified. previews/2011-011-015.jpg
Family group in Harry and Susan Pells Shurtliff's front room. Back row, Babcock, Julius Larsen, Jim Shurtliff. Next row, Susan Pells Shurtliff holding Hazel Shurtliff, Anna Shurtliff, Tina David, and Vera Delight Shurtliff. On the floor, Ethel and… previews/2011-011-016.jpg
Jim and Anna Shurtliff with "Mary Jane," a Reeves steam driven tractor, in a field at their Green River Ranch in Stark County, ND. previews/2011-011-017.jpg
Ethel Shurtliff standing outside a house pointing a gun and holding a rope. previews/2011-011-018.jpg
Willie Hartley and Jim Shurtliff standing, leaning on rifles, outside a house with a pile of dead rabbits and other animals. Etched into the emulsion at the top is, "BAD MEN OF THE WEST." William Hartley is Jim's cousin. He is the son of Sarah Ellen… previews/2011-011-019.jpg
3 men, Henry Shurtliff, Bill Micklesen and probably Charlie Leech at the Henry Shurtliff Ranch with guns. Etched into the emulsion under each man are initials, from left to right, "H.S.", "W.M," and "C.L." Also etched along the bottom edge is, "H.S… previews/2011-011-020.jpg
Jim Shurtliff riding a horse, Bud, holding his daughter, Hazel Shurtliff. Etched into the emulsion at the bottom is, "THE OLD MAN AND DAUGHER."