Kitchen (range, sink, hot water heater)


Kitchen (range, sink, hot water heater)


Photo of an early 20th century kitchen. On the left side is a sink with hot and cold water faucets. Under the sink is a paper bag, a wire backet with newspapers, a 5 gallon pail with newspapers on top, and an empty pail, which was probably used for ashes. The 1st range has a stove pipe going to the back wall. The word Monarch is on the front oven door, another door has the door has the words Duplcx Draft Pat. Apld. For, and the number 725 is on another door. Behind this range is a hot water heater. The 2nd range has a tea pot on top and its over door is opened. Hanging on the back wall is a strainer, a iron pan, and a muffin pan. On a shelf, on the back wall, are bottles, a teapot, a scale, boxes, and cans. On the right side wall is a window with a curtain. On the left side wall hangs a towel. A single light bulb hangs from the ceiling. In the lower right corner of the photo is seen part of chair, and the numbers 226 and 95.


Osborn Studio


L.E. Osborn, Sr.


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Film





Original Format

black and white copy negative

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5

Cataloguer's Notes

No receipt. 1 glassine env with the word Kitchen, and the number 75. 1 AGFA neg sleeve with the numbers 29 - #75. 1 CA neg env with the words Kitchen Range, Sink, Hot Watr Heater, and the number 75.

Physical Location

Osborn Album #4. Photo Storage.

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Osborn Studio, “Kitchen (range, sink, hot water heater),” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed May 23, 2024,