4th of July 1910



4th of July 1910


A picture of a 4th of July parade in 1910 going down Sims Street in Dickinson. People are crowding the street in the lower half of the picture, around the stage, while some cars and horse-drawn carriages are traveling down the upper half toward the crowd. A speaker, on the stage, is talking to the crowd. Almost all the people are wearing hats. A sign on the store, on the left side of the stage, reads The Corner Store! JC Cartwright Co. Further down the street is a small store with the word Tailor, in front of it. A 2 story brick building has words on its side that read L.C Smith & Co. Dakota Canada Lands, and the word Hardware. Other signs, on the left side of the street, cannot be read clearly, except for the signs with 'Recorder Post Printing' and another with the word 'Millinery' on it. A sign on the right side of the street reads 'Home Bakery' and another reads 'Second Hand Store'. Telephone and electric lines can be seen. Not Identified.


Osborn Studio


L.E. Osborn, Sr.


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black and white print





Spatial Coverage

Sims Street, Dickinson, Stark County, North Dakota

Original Format

black and white copy negative

Physical Dimensions



The Corner Store! J C Cartwright Co. L.C Smith & Co. Dakota Canada Lands, and the word Hardware. Millinery. Home Bakery. Second Hand Store. On the back is written #21 - 35 M.

Cataloguer's Notes

Three envelopes. The largest, glassine envelope, gives the name of the event pictured, 4th of July in 1910 on Sims Street, and a date which the new prints were sent (12/10/1988). The number 13 in in the upper left corner, the number 128 is in the top middle, and the letters A-F. and W. are in the upper right corner. The next biggest envelope gives no additional information except for the number 97. The smallest envelope has the number 39 and "ok" written on the top. The number 7 in on all 3 envelopes.

Physical Location

Osborn Copy Negatives Box. Photo Storage.

Ordering Info



Julie King

I believe the Hardware store in the photo is the Senour and Langley Hardware store.  It was originally the McCloy and Senour Hardware store before the name changed to Senour and Langley in 1905.  In 1904, McCloy and Senour moved from a building on Villard, west of Sims to this new space on Sims. They had been at the Villard location since 1893.

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