Veigel (W. R.)


Veigel (W. R.)


Photo old time pioneer cowboys. The title is Dakota Days. The names of the 2 cowboys in the center of the photo are Charles Armstrong and Bill Chadelor. The photo is framed with wood that hat cattle brands painted on it. NOTE: Names of the other cowboys can be found under text. Identified. Exact date and location unknown.


Osborn Studio


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jpg, tiff


black and white film





Original Format

Film negative

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5


Dakota Days. Dennis Moran, Bill Taylor, Red Murphy, Wils Richards, Bob Wilcox, Rasmus Jensen, Bill Cuskelly, Bill Connolly, Layton George, Chris Sperber, Sam Rhodes, Rob Munrow, Charles Armstrong, Bill Chadelor, Gube Saunders, Hube Delinger, W. R. Veigel, Matt Crowley, Sime Cuskelly, lJim Wilson, John Maruchcek, Bill McCarty, Bill Follis, Ben Bird, Dan Beck, J. Kuykendall.

Cataloguer's Notes

No receipt. 1 new envelope with the word Veigel, and #341a. 1 CA neg env with the word Veigel, and #341a. NOTE: a 2nd CA neg env with with the same negative as #341a, and a note that reads White envelpe labeled "Osborn".

Physical Location

Osborn Copy Negatives Box. Photo Storage.

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