Sweetheart Bakery



Sweetheart Bakery



Photo of different Sweetheart bakery items, on display, in a grocery store. Above the top shelf are 3 pictures of a young girl holding a loaf of Sweetheart bread in her hand. There are 2 more pictures of the same girl, but with a slice of bread in her hand and a sliced open loaf of Sweetheart bread. On the bottom shelf are loaves of different breads. The names on the different kinds of bread reads Potao Butter, Eddy's, Buy Sweetheart bread, 100% Butter shortening, and Buy Sweetheart bread. The 2nd shelf has Eddy's, Rye, Wheat, Sliced Coney's, 25 cents, Sliced Buns, 25 cents, and more Buy Sweetheart Bread. On the 3rd shelf are rolls, bread, Gordon's Bakery, 18 cent, loaf of bread, Brown and Serve rolls for 23 cents, Pineapple rolls for 29 cents, Cinnimon Roll for 29 cents, other words that cannot be read clearly. On the 4th shelf are doughnuts, fruitcake, rolls, loaves of bread, and more doughnuts, Donuts Dozen for 49 cent. The 5th shelf has Old Plantation fruit cake, it's Sliced for 49 cents, Cook Book Cake, Sweetheart Layer Cake, more German Cook Book Cakes, Sweetheart Angle Food for 59 cents, Hostess fruit cake Sliced, and 2 Jane Martin Fruit Ring, for 79 cents. To the right of the bread display are different candies, such as Lemon Drops, Mints, and Butter Creams, by Flavorite. To the right of the bread display case is a mannequin of man who is a Sweetheart Baker. The words on his hat read Sweetheart Bread. He is dressed in white shirt, pants, hat, and an apron. He is smiling and looking at the bread display. To the left of the bread display are bananas and cabbages. Exact date unknown.


Osborn's Studio

Date Created

Year 1954 or 1955


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Safety Film





Temporal Coverage

Dickinson, ND

Original Format

Safety Film Negative

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5

Cataloguer's Notes

No receipt. 1 Osborn order envelope.

Physical Location

Box 88-1

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Osborn's Studio, “Sweetheart Bakery,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed May 29, 2024, https://dmc.omeka.net/items/show/38615.