Pete Privratsky Garage


Pete Privratsky Garage



People serving food and people waiting in line to be served. This photo is taken from behind the people waiting in line. The food servers are located in the back of the photo. These people are dressed in their company work uniforms. People standing in line are receiving hotdogs, sloppy joe buns, potato salad, and beans. Men are dressed in shirts, jackets, jeans, sweaters, and hats. Women are wearing dresses, jackets, coasts, hats, and scarfs. Above the servers can be seen automotive belts, and hoses. A sign below the belts reads ... New Case Tractors, ... Showing .. Case-o-matic Line. Behind the servers is a sign that reads Oil Seals, Brake Linings, Bearings, Always install new national. A sign hanging above the servers reads Case-o-matic ... No Stalling. On the back wall is a wall calendar, with a picture of a home. Also hanging is a motion projector speaker box. Some people are sitting down in folding chairs and eating. On the right wall call be seen a tire rack hanging from the ceiling. Different ads are located there but the print is too small to read. There is one add for Jeep from the Saturday Evening Post, that reads Goes more places, Does more jobs, Save more money, Jeep, Willis. Tools can be seen on the right side. A movie screen hangs from the ceiling. Exact date unknown. Unidentified.

Date Created

Year 1958


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Safety Film





Spatial Coverage

Dickinson, ND

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5

Cataloguer's Notes

Safety Film Negative
No receipt. 1 Osborn Order Envelope.

Physical Location

Box 88-2

Ordering Info


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“Pete Privratsky Garage,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed July 20, 2024,