Schnell Livestock


Schnell Livestock



Photo taken inside Schnell Livestock Auction Market. 5 men and 1 woman, are in the sales ring. The 1st man, on the left, is wearing a shirt, vest, jeans, and a hat. In his right hand he is carrying a rolled up flag on a stick. He is talking to a man behind the sales ring fence. The 2nd man is wearing a shirt, jeans, jacket, and a hat. The 3rd man is wearing a shirt, tie, suit, and glasses. The 4th man is wearing a shirt, tie, suit, glasses, and a hat. With his right hand, he is shaking hands with man #5. The 5th man is wearing a shirt, jacket, and a hat. The young woman is wearing a shirt and a jacket. In her right hand she is holding a clip board and in her left arm is a trophy. Men and women sit in the stands. Behind the woman and last man, is the auctioneer stand. Inside are 5 men. The 1st man is wearing a shirt, tie, suit and a hat. The 2nd man is wearing a shirt, scarf, jacket, and a hat. He is talking into a microphone. The 3rd man, in the back left corner, is wearing a sweater and a hat. The 4th man, only his head is seen, and is wearing a hat. The 5th man is wearing a shirt, and sweater. On the counter top, of the auctioneer stand, is a trophy. Inside the auctioneer stand are numbered slips of paper. Above the auctioneer stand are the horns from a Longhorn. Above the horns is a wall clock. On the wall, above the first four men, is a lighted sign that reads Dic-Kota Meat Products, Custom Butchering-Processing-Cu..., Complete line of smoked & Cured Meat, 'We make sausage for every taste', Phone 214-2821, South of city. To the right of this sign is a TV set. To the right of the TV set is a sign that reads Cattle Consigned. Above the TV are other lighted signs that cannot be read. There is a wood gate on the right side of the photo. Exact date unknown. Unidentified.

Date Created

Year 1966


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Safety Film





Spatial Coverage

Dickinson, ND

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5

Cataloguer's Notes

Safety Film Negative
No receipt. Negative #10.

Physical Location

Box 88-2

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“Schnell Livestock,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed April 13, 2021,