Grossman International, for Midwest Motor


Grossman International, for Midwest Motor



Photo of the Grossman International Service building. The location for this building was Hwy 10 E. On the left side of the building are large garage doors. On the right side, the building is 1 story tall. The building is made of metal. 4 large picture windows are in front of the building. A sign on top of the building reads IH Grossman International Service. In front of the building are parked cars, station wagons, and pickup trucks. On the far left side, is a truck with a sign that reads US MAIL, Dickinson, N. Dak., Baker, Mont. A license plate on a pickup truck reads N. Dakota, '62, truck, Peace Garden State. The number on the plate reads 22125. The truck to the left of this truck is an International Scout. To the left of this vehicle is an International station wagon. The license plate is from Montana and the number is 2 - 47256. The vehicle to the left is a Rambler, and the license plate number is 70-903. The next car to the left, is a Chevrolet, and the license plate number is 157-984. Snow can be seen on the ground.

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black and white Kodak Safety Film





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Dickinson, ND

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2.5 x 2.25

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Safety Film Negative
1 receipt and 1 Econo-Color Order Envelope.

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Box 88-2

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“Grossman International, for Midwest Motor,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed June 16, 2024,