Masonic Temple


Masonic Temple



Photo of the Masonic Temple building, located at Sims and 1st street. Photo taken during the winter, snow is on the ground. The building is a 3 story brick building. There is an over-hang on the roof of the building. On the right side of the building are 4 symbols associated with the Masons. No business appear to occupy the bottom floor. On the left side of the building, down the street, other businesses can be seen. The 1st business sign reads Gate City Savings, Insured Savings, Home realty, Insurance, Mutual Funds. Street signs on the left side of the building read, No Parking From Here to Corner, 1 Hour Parking This Block, and No Parking, the rest of the sign cannot be read. A sign on a lamp post in front of the building reads Right Turn on Red After Stop. The 1st business on the right side of the Masonic Temple building has the word WISE in the store window. Other signs cannot be read. The next business sign reads The Fad, Men & Boys Clothing, Western Wear. The next business sign reads Buttreys. The last business sign reads Queen City Cab Co., dial 440. A street sign on the right side reads Right Turn on Red After Stop. The sign behind it cannot be completely read. Above these 2 signs is a Don't Walk, Walk, traffic sign. Above that are traffic signal lights. Behind the traffic light pole is the back end of a Ford pickup. A sticker in the read window has letters ARNEY on it. The numbers 147 appear on the license plate. On top of The Fad building is a TV antenna. A lighted billboard, on top of a building, can be seem, as well as telephone and electrical wires. Exact date unknown.

Date Created

Probably 1968 or 1969.


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Safety Film





Spatial Coverage

Dickinson, N.D.

Original Format

Safety Film Negative

Physical Dimensions

2.5 x 2.25


Cataloguer's Notes

No receipt. Negative has the number 2 on it.

Physical Location

Box 88-3

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“Masonic Temple,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed May 26, 2024,