St. Charles Hotel Fire


St. Charles Hotel Fire


Photo of the St. Charles Hotel, at 25 East Villard St. East, Dickinson, ND, before the fire of February 1, 1950. The St. Charles Hotel was a 3 story brick building. The Corral Bar was located on the left side of the building. A sign attached to that building reads The Corral Bar, and a sign under it reads The Corral. Below that sign is a 7up sign. On the right side was a Standard Service Station. In the window of the Service Station are cans of motor oil and in front of the window are Atlas tires. On top of the hotel building is a date of 1893, and the words St. Charles Hotel. Between the 2nd and 3rd floors is another sign that reads St. Charles Hotel. Above the main entrance to the hotel are the words St. Charles Hotel. Words on a hotel window read Coffee Shop, Air Conditioned. Also on the front of the building is a barber pole. Next to the barber pole is an advertising sign in the window. However, it cannot be read. The next sign on the building reads drink Coca-Cola, Delicious and Refreshing. The next sign on the building reads No Truck Parking. A sign inside a hotel window reads U. S., American Legion, Service Club. A final sign in a hotel window reads Employment Service. The rest of the sign cannot be read. In front of the building are parked 1940s cars and trucks. Men seen walking in front of the hotel are wearing shirts, coats, and hats. Women seen walking in front of the hotel are wearing coats, and scarfs or hats. In the bottom left corner of the negative is the name Horstman. In the bottom right corner of the negative is a circled C, for copyright ,and the date '50. Unidentified.


Horstman Studio


January, 1950


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Horstman Studio, “St. Charles Hotel Fire,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed May 26, 2024,