St. Charles Hotel Fire


St. Charles Hotel Fire


Photo of the fire of the St. Charles Hotel, at 25 East Villard St. East, Dickinson, ND, on February 1, 1950. Much of the building has been destroyed by the fire. Smoke can be seen rising in the air. 3 firemen can be seen standing on a building, next to the burning hotel, using a fire hose. A sign, on the side of the building, reads Corral Bar. On the right side is a sign that reads Standard. Across the street, from the Standard Service Station is a building with a sign that reads Stark Motor. Snow is on the ground. Men watching the fire, seen from behind, are wearing coats and hats. Women watching the fire, seen from behind, are wearing coats and hats or scarfs. On the left side of the photo is an 1940's automobile. In front of this car is a railroad push cart. In the lower left corner of the negative, is the name Horstman, and in the lower right corner of the negative, is a circled C for copyright. Unidentified.


Horstman Studio


January, 1950


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4 x 5

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No receipt. 1 Horstman Studio order envelope. The number 15 is on this negative.

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Box 88

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Horstman Studio, “St. Charles Hotel Fire,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed May 26, 2024,