2nd Ave. West (Hannaford St.), Dickinson



2nd Ave. West (Hannaford St.), Dickinson


2nd Ave. West (originally Hannaford St.). On the left is the Mike McGinley residence, Osborn Studio, fire hall, and the Pat McGinley residence. On the right is the Drenkel residence, Recorder Post, and the Mike McGinley residence [? taken from Osborn's notes].

A view of Hannaford Street in Dickinson, looking from the intersection of Villard Street and 2nd Avenue West. 2nd Avenue West was originally named Hannaford Street. On the right hand side of the street is a two-story house with wooden siding. The house has a small front porch and a dormer window above it. The yard is surrounded by a picket fence. The next building to the north is the Osborn Photo Studio. Next to the studio is the Dickinson City Hall and Fire Station, a two-story brick building with ornate cornices, arched windows, and two sets of large wooden doors, which are standing open. In front of the building is a wagon and a horse-drawn steam pumper. There is a horse harnessed to the pumper and a man seated on its seat. Another man and a dog are standing near the pumper. There are people standing by the open doors - one of them is a man and the other is obscured from view by an electrical pole. Further to the north is a man in a wagon being drawn by two white horses. Two children are crossing the street near the wagon. On the right side of the street is a wooden building with a fence in front of it and five or six wagons lined up to the south of it. There is a sign on a post near the wagons that reads TOM KEENE. A smaller sign beneath it on the same pole reads 5ยข CIGAR. To the north of this building is another wood frame building fenced with a rail fence. There are six people walking on the sidewalk near the building, and one person inside the fence in the yard. Beyond this building is a two-story house with wood siding. Both sides of the street are lined with trees and electrical poles. Exact date unknown. Not identified.

Written on the back in the upper left is, "#88" and upper right, "NEG#-133-."




Circa 1905


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black and white photographic print



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Dickinson, ND


Osborn, Lawton E. Sr.

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Copyright Southwestern North Dakota Museum Foundation and Dickinson Museum Center

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Photographic prints

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5.125" x 7.25"


2nd Avenue West, Dickinson, ND

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Title created by Dickinson Museum Center.
One 3.5" x 6.5" black and white nitrate film negative in a glassine envelope marked HANOVER ST FROM VILLARD & 2ND AVE WEST-133- Inside the glassine envelope is a plastic sleeve marked HANOVER ST-122-STUDIO 4797-INVOICE # ECO/4541. NOTE: these above items are now missing. Missing envelope.

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Osborn Album #3

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