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The Dickinson Museum Center is an art and history museum complex that serves the region of southwestern North Dakota. The photographs and other materials on this site belong to either the Southwestern North Dakota Museum Foundation or the Stark County Historical Society, two of the entities that make up the Dickinson Museum Center. If you are displaying or sharing any of these images, we ask that you please give credit as: "Courtesy of the Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive at the Dickinson Museum Center" and/or link to this website, https://dmc.omeka.net/

If you are interested in finding out more about an image or in purchasing a copy, please email us at info@dickinsonmuseumcenter.com . We offer stretched canvas prints of varying sizes as well as smaller sizes printed on photographic paper. We will need the Identifier information in order to locate the correct image. Photos printed on paper can usually be done within a few days of receiving the order. It may take 4-6 weeks to complete a Canvas Print order.

Pricing for canvas prints starts at $58 + tax and is dependent upon size. Canvas print sizes may be dependent upon the original image proportions. The sales of these prints help to support the costs of this ongoing project. Canvas prints may have some editing done to them.

Some current prices for commonly used sizes are as follows:

12 x 16 $59

12 x 18 $61

12 x 24 $67

16 x 24 $72

14 x 20 $65

20 x 24 $76

20 x 30 $78

20 x 36 $89

Images can also be printed on paper. Please note that the actual printed photo sizes may vary slightly depending upon the size of the original image. Photos on paper will be printed ‘as is’.

One (8 x 10) OR Two (5x7) prints on regular printer paper @ $1.00 per sheet

One (8 x 10) print OR Two (5x7) prints on cardstock @ $2.50 per sheet

One (8 x 10) print OR Two (5x7) prints on photographic paper @ $5.00 per sheet

One photo (up to 12 x 18) on 13 x 19 photographic paper @ $15.00 per sheet