Osborn Photo Albums


A collection of photographs compiled by Lawton E. Osborn, Sr., primarily taken by the Osborn Studio between 1896-1960.


  • Lawton E. Osborn, Sr.


Brian J. Brown

Searching for former Dickison family members.


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Collection Items

St Charles Hotel Fire, 1950<br /><br />
Photo of the 1950 St Charles Hotel Fire. The St Charles Hotel was located at 25 E. Villard, in Dickinson, N. D. Flames engulf the entire brick building. Water can be seen shooting up at the fire. Signs of buildings on Villard Street read, Binek,…

Sax Motor Co.
A photo of the exterior of the Sax Motor Company building. Cars can be seen inside the window on the ground floor. The sign on the building reads Chevrolet Sax Motor Co. The number 103 is above the door. The number 95 is written on the bottom right…

Herman Rabe and Family
A picture of a Herman Rabe and family sitting in a new convertible automobile. The car has metal spoked tires. Herman Rabe is sitting at the wheel, two women are sitting in the back, two young boys are sitting in the back, two young girls are in…
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