Osborn Photo Albums


A collection of photographs compiled by Lawton E. Osborn, Sr., primarily taken by the Osborn Studio between 1896-1960.


  • Lawton E. Osborn, Sr.


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Collection Items

Wool Wagons on Villard
A photo of Wool Wagons, looking east along Villard St. The buildings on the north side of Villard St, are the Dickinson Press, the St. Charles Hotel, and the Opera House. Unidentified. Exact date unknown.

George Drenkel&#039;s Hardware Store and Saddle Shop
Interior of George Drenkel's Hardware and Farm Implement Store with a young girl popping out of a large can. Most likely one of Mr. Drenkel’s daughters. He had at least three daughters and one son. His business was located on Barnes (1st Avenue West)…

Palace Billiards
Photo of the soda fountain and cigar sales area, inside Palace Billiards. Two cigarette ads read: Old Gold, They Gave a New Thrill and Chesterfield, True Individuality can not be copied, and Such popularity must be deserved. Above the clock on the…
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