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Norman and Lawton E. Osborn after a grouse hunt
Norman and Lawton E. Osborn after a grouse hunt in 1926. They are standing beside a car with a string of dead grouse hanging across it. 2 shotguns are seen leaning against the car. The person on the right has a cigarette is his right hand. On the…

Belfield boys basketball team 1926
A group photo of the 1925-1926 Belfield High School boys basketball team.

Kids on a teeter-totter
3 girls and 5 boys sitting on a teeter-totter. L to R - Gaab girl, Edna Nordness, Lorraine Marcusen Dohrmann, Gaab boy, Herbie Nordness, Ray Marcusen, Harold Jesperson, Bud Marcusen.

Shrine Patrol, 1926
Photo of Shriners celebrating. On the left side of the photo is a car with the window rolled down and a shade over the windshield. Through the car windows parts of other cars can be seen in the background. 2 boys, seen from behind, are wearing…