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The Dickinson Press
The exterior of the front of the Dickinson Press building. A dog is sitting on the steps.

William Davies
A portrait of a young boy and a dog.

William Davies
A portrait of a young boy and a dog.

Miller Electric Display Booth
A display of Delco light and water systems for Miller Electric. There is a black dog laying next to the display.

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Deer Hunters on Villard Street
Eastern deer hunters and a dog on the Medora stagecoach going to the badlands to hunt. All the hunters have rifles in their hands. 4 horses pull the stagecoach. Words on the side of the stagecoach read Co., U. S. 1, and Deadwood. Behind the men…

Result of a Days Hunt
2 hunters goose hunters with the dead geese that they had shot hanging in front of a tent. A buckboard wagon is to the right of the tent. A dog can be seen on the wagon. Behind the tent is a home and other homes can be seen on the left and right side…

Family Outside Sod House
4 farm children (3 girls and 1 boy), father and dog standing outside a sod house. One girl has a guitar, one girl has a mandolin-type instrument and the boy has a harmonica. Written in the lower left has part of the image is, "213". Written in the…

Red River Carts
Red River carts. 2 horse-drawn carts with people riding in them on a street. There is a dog under each of the carts. "5" is written on the front in the lower left corner. Written on the back in the upper left is, "#2 ALBUM #5 / SCRIPT 81 / Picture…

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