Sax Motor Dealer Meeting


Sax Motor Dealer Meeting



Photo of posters and a banner. The 1st poster on the left side reads Profitable to sell Chevrolet, Service Parts Repair Kits, Save Time - Save Money, Cylinder Head Gasket Set, Motor Tune-up, Oil Pan, Universal Join Repair, Pitman Shaft Kit, Break Main Cylinder Repair, and ...speed work time and profit time. The 2nd poster reads It's profitable to sell Chevrolet, Electrical System Parts, Check these 25 Sales Opportunities, rest of words to small to read clearly. The 3rd poster reads It's profitable to sell Chevrolet, Mufflers, Special 'safety seal' end crimp, 4 baffles extra strength, 2 resonant silencing chambers, pipes are welded to muffler heads, 5 tube cross over chamber. The banner reads Sell Chevrolet Cromflex piston ring set engineered to restore ...-Economy-Performance. The 4th poster reads, It's Profitable to sell Chevrolet, Short blocks and engines, *Restores Genuine Chevrolet Performance, *Economical Power plant replacement, *Fast Installation multiplies shop profits, *Fast Installation seeds up service, Factory built, Your Chevrolet known the difference, All new parts. Below this poster are engine parts placed on a peg board. The 5th poster reads Life Helps Your Sell. Shown on this poster are ads that appeared in Life magazine that show what Chevrolet is doing to help its dealers sell genuine Chevrolet parts. In the room, below the banner, is a couch for 3 people, A heat register is seen against the back wall, a window with blinds open, is on the right side and the ceiling lights are on. Exact location unknown.

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black and white Kodak Safety Film





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Dickinson, ND

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4 x 5

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Safety Film Negative
No receipt. Date on outside of envelope is 5/4/25, but that is the wrong date.

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Box 88-2

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“Sax Motor Dealer Meeting,” Southwestern North Dakota Digital Archive At the Dickinson Museum Center, accessed June 15, 2024,