Electric Sales & Service Trucks



Electric Sales & Service Trucks



Photo of 5 Electric Sales and Service Trucks. These 5 trucks are parked in front of the Electric Sales & Service building. The trucks have the words Electric Sales & Service, Inc., Dickinson, Dial 2171 written on the sides of the trucks. At the front ends of the trucks is the GRS and TARE weights of the trucks. At the back of the trucks are the words Westinghouse Appliances and sign on the rear end of the truck that has a large W and the words Westinghouse on it. Behind the trucks are store front signs that read Mercantile Inc.. Above this sign, and attacked to the 3 story building is a Masonic Lodge sign. Next is the Rialto movie theater. A sign in front of the movie theater reads Everett Real Estate and Loan. Next is The Fad clothing store. The sign above the store reads The Fad. A sign below this sign reads Men's & Boy Clothing, Western Wear. The words on the awning in front of the store reads Clothing, The Fad, Shoes. The signs in the windows of the store read, The Fad, Shirts, Shoes, Luggage. The awning on the next store reads Electric Sales & Service. Above this hangs 2 signs that read Westinghouse, Appliances, Electric Sales & Service, Radio and T V Service. This building has glass block windows below the signs. In the store front windows are signs that read Westinghouse Opportunity Days Lowest Prices in 10 Years, Incredible but true lowest prices in ... 10 years, Westinghouse Buys mean the 'Good Old Days', Westinghouse Opportunity Days!, 1958 Appliances at less than 1948 Prices, Lowest Prices in 10 ..., Incredible But True .... There is also a newspaper ad poster that reads Opportunity Days!, Buy and Save. This rest of this ad cannot be read. Inside the store window can be seen an electric range and an air conditioner. The last store on right has signs in the window that cannot be read clearly. A mannequin can be seen wearing a blouse, skirt, jacket, and shoes. A street light can be seen, and on this light pole are 2 traffic signs that read 1-HR. Parking This Block, and No Parking Tue. Thur Sat. 1 AM to 7 AM. Exact date unknown.

Date Created

Year 1958


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jpg, tiff


black and white Kodak Safety Film





Spatial Coverage

Dickinson, ND

Physical Dimensions

4 x 5


Sims Street

Cataloguer's Notes

Safety Film Negative
No receipt.

Physical Location

Box 88-2

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