I. O. O. F.



I. O. O. F.



A parade down Villard St. in Dickinson, North Dakota. The men marching in the parade are wearing blue uniforms, with white scarfs, helmets, belts, and gloves. Behind his group are 3 men who are dressed in white shirts, blue ties, hats, jackets, and black slacks. Behind these 3 men is a man who is wearing a green uniform, with a white scarf, helmet, belt, and gloves. He has a bugle in his right hand. 2 men at the front are carrying an American flag and a North Dakota State flag. Flags are being carried behind these flags. In the center is a flag for Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the 2 maroon flags that are unidentified. In front of these groups is a small 3 wheel vehicle. The word Police is written on the front. It is blue and white. The driver is wearing a blue uniform and hat. There is a red light on top of the vehicle. Behind this marching group is a 2nd group. They are wearing tan uniforms, with white scarfs, helmets, belts, and gloves. 2 flags are being carried in front of this group. The one on the left is the American flat and the flag on the right is unidentified. A banner being carried behind the flag carriers reads Flags and Dickinson, North Dakota. Other words cannot be read. On the right side of Villard St., from left to right, is a 2 story home; a pole with a Master Charge and BankAmericard (credit cards) signs; a building with a sign on top that reads Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and signs on the front and side of the building that read Sax Motor. In front of Sax Motor is the intersection of Villard St. and 3rd Ave West. 2 signs on a pole across Villard St. read, South 22 only, and North 22, only. Across the street from Sax Motor is a Standard Filling Station. A sign below the Standard sign reads Free Car Wash with full up. A Bell Telephone sign is below the Car Wash sign. On a pole, to the right of the Standard sign, are signs with the prices of gasoline, in 1972. 33.9 cents for regular, 35.9 cents, and 37.9 cents for premium. The next building has a sign that reads Coca-Cola Bottling Company. A sign above the door Dr. Pepper. A clock, on the front side of the building, has the word 7up on it. The clock reads 7 minutes after 11 o'clock. 3 signs are on a pole to the right of the Coca-Cola Bottling building. The 1st sign reads S & H Green Stamps, the 2nd sign reads Rest Room, and the 3rd sign reads AAA, N.D., Automobile Club, Emergency Service. Below this sign is a sign that reads Tire Bargains. A man, wearing a yellow shirt and glasses, is standing next to a tire rack, filled with tires. On his left side is a white van with the word Dodge on it. The numbers on the license plate read 22-332. The other words on the license plate cannot be clearly read. Exact date unknown. Unidentified.

Date Created

Probably 1972 or 1973.


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jpg, tiff


Color Kodak Safety Film





Spatial Coverage

Dickinson, N.D.

Original Format

Safety Film Negative

Physical Dimensions

2.5 x 2.25


Cataloguer's Notes

No receipt. 1 order envelope. Negative has the number 10 on it.

Physical Location

Box 88-3

Ordering Info



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