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Johnson Auto, Norman & Lawton Osborn

Photo of a snow covered car, from the early 20th century, with wire spoked wheels. A grain elevator can be seen behind the car. The name on the side of the elevator cannot be read. Exact date and location unknown.

Mackoff, Kellogg, Muggli
Photo of a damaged car.

Mackoff, Kellogg, Muggli
Photo of a damaged car.

Mackoff, Kellogg, Muggli
Photo of a damaged car.

Mackoff, Kellogg, Muggli
Photo of a damaged car.

Family photo and Model T Truck
Portrait of family photo, with a Model T Truck, 1923. In the background is a Standard Oil Co. Station. Unidentified.

John Kampf
Photo of a family of four, two women sitting in a car, the girl is standing next to the car and a man is standing next to the girl. Behind the car is a building with the number 18 over the door. There is another building in the background with the…

Mitchell Auto, Fred Maser, Hilisheim

Photos of people in a 1911 Mitchell automobile owned by Fred Maser showing Fred Maser, Anna Hillesheim and Bertha Maser. The word 'Mitchell' can be seen on the front grill of the automobile. Mitchell Automobile produced automobiles from 1903 to 1923.…

Grain Train

A photo of a tractor connected to multiple wagons. Three people can be seen on the wagon train. A building can be seen behind the wagons. An automobile with two men can be seen in the foreground. Written at the bottom of the photo is a caption,…

Women in car
A blurry negative of 3 women(?) and 2 children sitting in a car. A field surrounds them. The shadow of someone else can be seen on the ground. Exact date unknown. Unidentified.

Snow and Cars in Front of Villard Hotel
Photo of 3 cars parked in front of the Villard Hotel, which was located at 32-34 W. Villard St. The words Villard Hotel is on top of the building as is the date 1913. An awning has the words Hotel Villard on it, and the words are also on the front…

Osborn Studio. Osborn's Miscellaneous
Photo of Lawton Osborn and a car. The car is an early 20th century touring car, with spoked wheels. The passenger side door is opened. Lawton is leaning against the left rear side of the car. He is wearing a shirt, tie, pants, glasses, and a hat.…

Osborn Studio. Osborn's Miscellaneous
Photo of the outside of the Osborn Studio. This studio was located at 17, 2nd Av West, in Dickinson, N. D. It is a wood clapboard building. There is a window on the left side. 2 doors and a widow are on the front side. A glass display case…

Osborn Studio Building
Photo of the front of the Osborn Studio building, between 1904 and 1938. The sign on the building reads The Osborn Studio. The Studio was located at 17 2nd Ave W in Dickinson, N. D. 2 cars from the 1930s are parked in front of the building.

Osborn Studio 1904-1938
Exterior view of the Osborn Photo Studio. There are two doors and a large window in the side of the studio facing the street. There are also two wall-mounted display cases attached to the building. Written on the building are the words The Osborn…

Under Pass, flood, Hebron
Photo of a flooded underpass near Hebron. People are seen standing on the overpass looking down at the cars in the water. Unidentified. Exact date unknown.

Medora Rodeo, Cowboys
Photo of a Rodeo arena, at Medora. Cars are lined up around the arena. Several horses are already inside the arena. Hills behind the arena are part of the Badlands of western North Dakota. Words on the bottom read Medora's Round up at Medora, N.…

Medora Rodeo, Cowboys
Photo of bronc busting by Blackie Lawson, at the Medora, Rodeo. Words in the right corner read Photo by G. R. Osterhout. Lawson identified, others are not. Exact date unknown.

St. Charles and Sax Motor, street view
Photo of a street view. On the left, several cars are parked and a few cars are coming down the street. In the center of the photo, is a 3 story building with a sign painted on the side that reads 'St Charles Hotel'. On the right of the photo, is…

Car and boys, front of Unique Theater, Lawton (Osborn) at (the) wheel.
A photo of a group of young men sitting in and on a (Buick) automobile. Most are wearing shirts, ties, suits, and hats. A man stands in the street, with his back to the camera, and is looking at the boys and car. The car is an open car. The car…