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Story of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Altenburg.

Story of Skulda Baner, teacher at the Gorham school in 1919-1920 and a writer.

Description of the slabtowns on the frontier army posts, quarters for enlisted men and their wives.

Account of an amputation at the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876.

Description of the work of land surveyors in Dakota Territory.

A history of Catholic schools in Dickinson.

History of the Gorham Cooperative Store and post office.

History of the First National Bank of Belfield.

History of Thompson Hardward store in Belfield, ND.

History of the Chevrolet car dealership in Belfield, ND.

Account of a fire in Belfield, ND on October 25, 1922.

Account of the arrival of Dutch immigrants to Belfield, ND.

Description of French immigrants to around Belfield.

Account of the origin of the Presbyterian Church in Belfield.

History of the Gateway Hotel in Belfield.

Names of early Belfield postmasters and the history of incorporation of the town of Belfield.

History of Camp Houston which became Belfield.

Description of Buffalo Gus Meschke, a writer for the Belfield News and Billings County Pioneer.

Description of Ukrainian Easter church services.

Description of Ukrainian Easter church services.